ClearThink™ Group

We Provide a Vital and Dynamic Selection of Services

  • Market Research
  • Opportunity Assessments
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Business Planning and Coaching
  • Market Evaluation, Development and Deployment Support
  • New Venture Feasibility Analysis
  • Customer Identification Studies
  • Matchmaking and Trade Missions

Our Professional Management Consultants Provide

  1. Relevant Experience and Objectivity

    Our consulting team has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of business management, marketing, marketing research and planning to many industries. We are able to see the whole business and understand the cross-functional and stakeholder implications of challenges and solutions. We strive to address the root issues of a problem, not just the symptoms.

    We bring objectivity to every project offering clarity and a balanced perspective when facing pressing issues within small business start-ups to large corporate, non-profit and government organizations.  Our experience in the technology, manufacturing, agri-food, tourism and professional services sectors bring depth and knowledge to all projects.

  2. A Team Approach

    Throughout the course of any assignment, our team will work with you to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities for your organization and the industry.  We advocate clear communication through participation, input and sharing of knowledge; which will be most important to the overall success of your project.

  3. Development of a Comprehensive and Clear Plan

    Our team offers professional expertise, and understands the importance of designing a workplan that is detailed and effective to meet your needs.  A clear plan will result in valuable and powerful decision-making capabilities for you now and in the future.

Clearthink™ Group

Clearthink™ Group has been a successful management consulting practice in Alberta since 1992.  Our experience and know-how include a wide scope of disciplines, industries and organizations ranging from small business start-ups to corporate, non-profit and government organizations.


Keleigh Cormier, CMC

Keleigh has been actively consulting to industry for over 25 years. She has the experience and capability to visualize the desired outcomes of client projects and facilitates an actionable plan to get there. Keleigh’s critical thinking skills and style provide entrepreneurs with a clear and practical path to achieving their goals.



Pierre Cormier, CMC

Pierre is a seasoned business professional advising business leaders in achieving solid business growth for over 17 years. His entrepreneurial zest provides a high level of energy and devotion to all client projects. As a professional consultant and coach, Pierre has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs in reaching optimal potential and performance.


Your Trusted Advisors


You are not only assured of knowledgeable insight from a trusted advisor but the value comes in differentiating problems from symptoms.  This will identify feasible options to deliver desirable results.

CMC Certified Consultants


We help you identify the underlying root causes to develop realistic solutions that positively impact the organization. Every project involves change and we are skilled to help you confidently lead this change in your organization.